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About us

The Engineering Management and Innovation Institute’s purpose is to train students who will create ‘Employment for self-reliance’. It has set itself the challenge of being the vocational training institute of choice, respected nationally and throughout the East Africa region.


Engineering Management and Innovation Institute has introduced a new approach to Technical/Vocational education focusing on skills development over traditional academic instruction in line with East African benchmarks of technical education and skills development. EMI’s Diplomas coupled with practical, hands-on skills are highly sought after by employers. Engineering Management and Innovation Institute is probably the first Uganda vocational school to fully integrate technical education with  and take full advantage of information communication technology (ICTs) and computerized production systems. Engineering Management and Innovation Institute offers qualifications at Diploma, certificate and apprenticeship levels. Our programmes are renowned for their practical focus, relevance to the real world and their foundation in leading-edge production systems. Engineering Management and Innovation Institute’s close relationship with its mother company Standard Signs Uganda Limited, and the real-world of business and manufacturing puts it at a singular advantage in its fields of specialization. Our scholars are exposed to state-of-the-art technology and work alongside experienced technicians and managers in the private and public sectors. The Institute’s Governing Board is made up of senior educationists, professionals and business executives from all over Uganda to provide ongoing guidance to senior management on sector trends, programme relevance and business strategy.

Practice Relevance

We are committed to ensuring all students receive a hands-on, practice-relevant education. The skills and innovativeness of our students are developed through an education philosophy that promotes the ability to think independently and work collaboratively. Because our faculty are highly experienced managers and technicians, students are exposed to fresh ideas, up-to-date technology, emerging theory and real world, real-time working environments.


Due to current globalization and rapid technological advancement and globalization, the education system in our country and geographical region needs to produce graduates who are proactive and ready to take advantage of local opportunities to create competitive products and services that provide employment, enhance income and promote development. We are therefore distinguished by our focus on skills development and the insistence on job-making as opposed to job-seeking, thus the slogan, Education for immediate self-employment”. We recognize that long-term advancement and business success depends on a lot more than just money and profits but on good management of resources and multiple social and environmental issues. Sustainable development is at the core of our purpose and our goal is to become a world-class vocational training institute in this area.

International Collaboration

We are building alliances with a number of international universities and institutes for, among other things, exposing our faculty to resources and practices in the best higher educational institutions around the world. As an institute we strive to make ourselves relevant not only to the local market but our focus is both international and national. We intend to play a significant role on the regional and Continental scene through strong links to multinational companies and universities, and ultimately to provide an education that equips participants for the global labour market. Our faculty bring the rich experience gained through exposure to a multiplicity of environments and connections to their teaching.


Engineering Management and Innovation Institute strives to offer an outstanding experience to all stakeholders. Students are supported by an extensive range of services aimed at ensuring their learning and social experience is enjoyable and successful. The institute is well resourced, modern and has high quality computing facilities. An active alumni programme ensures our relationship with students extends beyond graduation. The Engineering Management and Innovation Institute is regulated and observes the guidance and standards provided by the National Council for Higher Education and other laws of Uganda regulating higher education. We have set high standards and management ensures we achieve them.